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First Baptist Swannanoa

What We Believe
  1. God
    We believe there is only one true and living God. We believe God has eternally existed in three persons--Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe God is perfect in all of His ways.
  2. The Bible
    We believe the Bible was written by men divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit and is God's revelation of Himself to man. Therefore, all Scripture is totally true and without error. It reveals the principles by which God judges mankind and is the standard by which all human conduct should be tried. It is the testimony of Christ.
  3. Jesus Christ
    We believe Jesus is the Son of God conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. We believe Jesus lived a sinless life We believe Jesus died on the cross as a substitute for our sins and was resurrected three days later conquering sin and death.
  4. Holy Spirt
    We believe the Holy Spirit is equal to the Father and Son in deity. We believe the Holy Spirit enables and empowers the Church for ministry by providing spiritual gifts and unifying the Church together. We believe the Holy Spirit indwells believers and seals them for eternal life.
  5. Mankind
    We believe Mankind is the pinnacle of God's creation. We believe mankind was made in the image of God to have relationship with Him and partner with Him in making creation flourish. We believe mankind sinned against God and therefore are in need of salvation through Jesus to restore our relationship with God.
  6. The Church
    We believe the Church is made up of those who have put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We believe the Church has been given a mission to continue the work and ministry started by Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit's work. We believe the Church's responsibility is to reach the lost and disciple the saved.
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